Typical 5-day itinerary

    This represents a typical 5-day itinerary.    This can an be customized with optional excursions (see optional excursions list); or to feature your particular interest, such as art, ecology, sports or religious tours. However, keeping to a defined itinerary will be helpful when re-entering the United States.   Please confer with your agent prior to finalizing your tour.

   US Credit Cards are not generally accepted in Cuba.  Each package includes air fare, transportation to/from airport, lodging, breakfast, daily transportation to packaged destinations, museum or event entry fees.  You will need to pay for lunch, dinner, evening entertainment options, and any optional excursions you select, souvenirs, and tips.  

Should you opt to arrive on a weekend, on Sunday mornings, there is usually a Classic Car show and  Rumba on Sunday afternoon in  Callejon de HamelYour agent can customize your itinerary to include these, or you may wish to add an extra day.   Note: Customizations may incur additional costs. 


Day 1: 

·         Arrive in Havana

·         Follow-up with luggage and immigration

·         Our Transportation will pick you up at the airport, and deliver you safely to your “home” in the Vedado neighborhood, three blocks from the Malecon and Caribbean.

·         Meet your Hostess and staff, and relax with a rum drink

·         Advisors will accompany you to a grocery store to pick up bottled water, snacks and, of course, rum.

·         Dinner at the Razones Restaurant

Day 2

8 am – 9 am Breakfast in the House

                         {desayuno en la casa}

9 am               Marina Hemingway

10:30 am        The home & studio of artist Jose Fuster

                        {Casa Fuster (artist)}

11:30 am        Havana Forrest (Metropolitan Park of Havana, also known as El Bosque de la Habana or old Botanical Garden.)

                        {Bosque Habana}

12:00              Lunch -   At The Patio restaurant


2:00 pm          John Lennon Park

                        {Parque Jon Lennon}

                        {Plaza of the Revolution}

                        {Colonial Cemetery}

6:00 PM         Return to the House

8:30 pm          Buena Vista Social Club Restaurant & show

12:00 am        Return to the House

Day 3

8 am – 9 am – Breakfast in the House

                          {desayuno en la casa}

9 am               Finca La Vigia – Hemingway’s home

11:30 am        Mercado San Jose – shopping (souvenirs)

12:30 pm        Lunch -   2 Hermanos Restaurant

  2:30 pm        Museum of Rum 

                        {Museo del Ron}

4:00                Museum of the Revolution

5:30                Return to the house

8:00 pm          Dinner - Restaurant Razones

10:00 pm        Return to the House

Day 4

8 am – 9 am – Breakfast in the House

                          {desayuno en la casa}

9:20 am          Hotel Nacional

10:00 am    Hamlet alley

                  {Callejon de Hamel}

                     (also see:  Havana-guide.com)

11:00 am        National Capitol


                        Train Stations

                    {Estación Central de Ferrocarriles}

                        The Paseo Del Prado (A nice path through the middle of a somewhat busy street in Old Havana. Artists selling their work. Some nice views. Great spot to sit and do some people watching.)

 12:00 pm   Cigar factory

2:00 pm          Lunch at the Restaurant Canonazo

4:00 pm          Museum of Che

                        {Museo de comandancia de Che Guevara}

                        Souvenir Shopping

                        {Fortaleze de la Habana}

7:00 pm          Return to the house

9:30 pm          Restaurant Media Luna

10:00 pm        Wherever you want to go (fun time)

12:00 pm        Return to the house

Day 5

8 am – 9 am – Breakfast in the House
                       {desayuno en la casa}
9:20 am          Custom destination
3:00 pm          Leave for the Airport
6:20 pm          Departure