Our mission is to help connect the people of the two countries through travel; our focus is PEOPLE-TO-PEOPLE.

We are a Travel Agency familiar with the requirements of travel to and from Cuba. We customize your travel package to meet the legal requirements of both the United States and Cuban Governments.

We specialize in Cuban Travel Services. We can help you find the perfect tour from custom tours, cultural tours, and religious tours.

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Ask for Gordon, Erisney, Yipsy, or Lourdes

Or email:  Gordon@cubantravel.agency

Gordon Chernecky is the owner and operator of Cuban Travel For Less.  His Grandfather, as sea caption from Scotland, settled in Cuba around 19xx.  Gordon has traveled extensively in Cuba, knows the people, and is familiar with the laws and regulations to ensure the safety and security for you and your family during your trip.

Your Trip Advisors:

Yipsy Suarez was born in Cuba, and had lived in the US for twenty years.  Yipsy's aunt, Fifi Acosta, is the owner and host at Casa de FiFi.  This is the type of personal relationships that allows our Agency to personalize your trip, and to be assured of your safety and security during your stay while keeping your costs the lowest available.


Fifi Acosta was born in San Antonio de los Banos, then moved to beautiful Havana.  

"I enjoy talking with and welcoming wonderful people to my house.   
My House, Casa de FiFi, is in the center of Havana.  Near our place we have different restaurants, bars and cafes.  We live only three blocks from the Malecon (sea coast).
We offer the best guide for your trip."

Your Cuba transportation 

Frank has available a fleet of classic cars -- all meticulously maintained -- and drivers at your service.  

Last 24 hours in Cuba with Frank!  (brief video)

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