Colonial Splendor
Travel in Style
See Historic Havana

See the best of Havana

Cuba is one of the hottest destinations since being opened in 2016.It is still one of the SAFEST destinations in 2018.

History abounds!  Step back in time and:

  •         Travel in classic American cars (some upgraded to have air conditioning), but the preferred method is by convertible.
  •      Visit Ernest Hemingway’s house
  •      Enjoy the colonial architecture of Havana
  •         Visit the Museo de Ron (rum); bring home unlimited supplies
  •       Did I mention the Cigars? (also bring home unlimited supplies) And the music?

Visit rural towns where travel by horse-drawn carriage is a common mode of local transportation.   Natural beauty, unique flora and fauna, an island mostly unspoiled by wall to wall commercial resorts

Why use CUBANTRAVELFORLESS?  We know the individuals who will be hosting you, who will be guiding you, who will be seeing after your comfort, enjoyment and well-being while you are in Cuba. They are family or close personal friends(